V.2.9.3 (CS5/CS6 excluded) JANUARY 2024

  • FIX: Extension did not appear in Photoshop 2024.
  • FIX: Extension did not load due to signing issue.

V.2.9.2 OCTOBER 2018

  • FIX: Black squares when exporting from Photoshop CC2019
  • FIX: Crash and wrong file formats of exported assets when first asset was placed inside a commented group
  • pngquant updated to version 2.12

V.2.9.1 JULY 2016

  • FIX: Speccing did not work with just one artboard in the PSD
  • FIX: Issue with speccing marquee selections inside artboards

V.2.9.0 JUNE 2016

  • NEW: Photoshop CC2015.5 support
  • NEW: Artboards now supported for speccing
  • FIX: High PPI documents caused specs to look odd

V.2.8.3 JANUARY 2016

  • FIX: Export freezed when exporting Smart Objects using PS version before CC2015

V.2.8.2 DECEMBER 2015

  • FIX: Export freezed when continuing export from PSD with Artboards.
  • FIX: Extension did not show in CC2014

V.2.8.1 DECEMBER 2015

  • NEW: Improved support for CC2015.1
  • NEW: Option to scale using Nearest Neighbor interpolation. Great for Pixel art
  • NEW: Custom Scale now supports fractional percent
  • FIX: Metadata output was empty when PSD contained Japanese characters
    • Metadata output now adopts encoding from template
    • Metadata templates updated to UTF-8 encoding
  • FIX: Smart Objects with changed active layer comp did not export correctly

V.2.8.0 SEPTEMBER 2015

  • NEW: Export to any size using Custom Scales
  • Export dialog redesigned to better support small screens
  • FIX: Error using Set Size on Photoshop versions before CC2015
  • FIX: Export freezed when Asset Bounds group was placed inside Artboard
  • FIX: Speccing Size and Distance on non 72ppi PSDs caused odd looking specs

V.2.7.1 JULY 2015

  • FIX: Assets were not always cropped to Artboard
  • FIX: Export freezed on heavy PSDs with many Artboards
  • FIX: Set Size didn't work in documents using Artboards
  • FIX: Export freezed when Smart Object contained hidden layers
  • FIX: Dialogs did not always close
  • FIX: Vector mask was lost on certain Smart Objects during export
  • FIX: Transformations got messed up on Smart Objects used multiple times in same asset

V.2.7.0 JUNE 2015

  • NEW: Photoshop CC2015 support
  • NEW: Optimize PNG assets on export for much smaller file sizes
  • NEW: Export directly to Xcode Asset Catalogs
  • NEW: Simpler and more compact panel UI
  • Speccing a shape now also includes the width and height
  • Improved suppport for iOS device modifiers. Now supports iphone, ipad, mac, and watch
  • Metadata {{newFile}} tag now supports specifying the new file path
  • Metadata templates updated to handle asset names with dots and spaces
  • New pipe available to metadata template:
    • "cleanAssetName" removes problematic characters from asset names
  • iOS & Web folder renamed to "iOS and Web"
  • FIX: Shape stroke was not always scaled correctly from non "Scale-safe" assets
  • FIX: Shape stroke width was not specced according to Spec Scale
  • FIX: Metadata exported wrong positions when Spec Scale was not 100%
  • FIX: Sometimes an Images subfolder was created on export
  • FIX: Masks was ignored when exporting certain Smart Objects
  • FIX: SVG export did not properly handle vector mask on bitmap layers
  • FIX: SVG export rasterized vector content in grouped Smart Objects
  • FIX: Some specs were cut off when using 14px font size
  • FIX: Tag Layers applied layer color from layer above

V.2.6.0 MARCH 2015

  • NEW: Smart Objects with Photoshop content now retains quality when scaled
  • NEW: SVG export now works with shape layers inside Smart Objects
  • NEW: SVG export now supports layer masks and clipping masks
  • Faster exporting. Almost twice as fast on large PSDs
  • Metadata now outputs size and position of text box for paragraph text layers
  • FIX: Panel UI was messed up on some Photoshop installations
  • FIX: States and Variations sometimes caused wrong asset bounds
  • FIX: States nested in "VAR:" groups was exported with wrong visibility
  • FIX: Metadata was incorrect for text layers in rare cases

V.2.5.0 FEBRUARY 2015

  • NEW: Export to individual SVG files
  • Create scalable SVG files with support for masks, gradients, strokes, and layer styles
  • NEW: Metadata templates can now output separate files per asset
  • Additional metadata template included that outputs one json file per asset
  • NEW: Fonts are now specced in "sp" when using "Density-Independent Pixels"
  • FIX: Hidden layers in a group were not exported
  • FIX: Several Smart Object issues fixes
  • FIX: Settings sometimes getting corrupted
  • FIX: Some UI labels were truncated on Retina screens
  • Various minor fixes and improvements
  • Export to icon font no longer supported